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Zaman Nasıl Yönetilmeli

Zaman Nasıl Yönetilmeli

Are you one of those who say how time passes, I cannot keep up with anything. Are you not able to create enough time for yourself. Your plans are not working the way you want? Then you need time management. Time is a concept that we humans create and consume unconsciously. Most of us postpone and delay the work we need to do because we are not able to keep time. Alarms postponed for 5 minutes more sleep, buses missed at the last second, late meetings all year long .. It is possible to overcome these moments with less stress and in a healthier way.ün.

How important is time? Does it cost?ı?

We've all heard the adage that time is money. Time is actually more valuable than cash because time also manages cash. Time is a relative concept and can vary depending on the person and situation. You may not be able to save your time, but saving time is in your hands. The value of a second; Ask someone who survived an accident. If we think of people who survived the accident with a second, we can understand that time is an invaluable concept.riz.

What are time consuming vampires?

There are many factors that prevent us from sticking to the plans we make in our daily life.

  • Phone calls:We have to be exposed to many phone calls during the day. Both our work and our private matters cause us to talk on the phone for hours. Unnecessary gossip, talking in the name of idle talk is harmful to both your time and your budget.
  • Indecision and Postponement: These two may be the vampires who suck your time the most, if you think that the unstable days pass with idle hours while making plans. Often times, indecision causes you to shift your plans to other time zones. Sometimes there are plans that you decide on but never come true for reasons that make you think to delay it to get started. There can be many different reasons for this; like failure, anxiety of not finishing, perfectionism. Whatever the reason, the result goes from your time.
  • Forgetfulness: This is a natural thing that can happen to all of us. Of course, we have to take control of this. If your forgetfulness is due to a health-related condition, you may need medical attention. Lack of attention, insomnia, etc. Forgetfulness is a situation that you can eliminate by methods such as taking notes and setting an alarm on the phone.

Don't be in a Rush to Plan Time

When planning the time, plan your work in a balanced way in order of importance. Things to be careful about in order to use the time you will spare for yourself and your work efficiently

  • Do the hard work first and do the easy thing later
  • Avoiding routine work
  • To arrange the works according to the planned period, to do
  • Determining hours that can work without hindrance


  • Carry an agenda with you and take note of the important details that come to mind. You can learn to manage your time effectively by writing your weekly plans and the schedules you make during the day.
  • Make good use of the morning hours. The most important time you can get efficiency during the day is morning hours. In order to use these hours when your body is more vigorous, pay attention to your sleep patterns and wake up before everyone else and start making your plans.
  • Do not forget to take time for yourself. Time management is not about putting your work in order and finishing the day, but using your time efficiently by setting up your time for yourself and your work in a balanced way. By relaxing yourself and your mind, your work becomes more efficient and allows you to manage your time correctly.
  • Take the right time for each job. Put everything you do in order of importance and move forward. This way, you can devote the right time to jobs that are more important to you.
  • Eliminate the obstacles to your work. Stay away from items in your work environment that may prevent you and your work tiring. Phone, tablet, etc. unless you use it for your business. Stay away from devices and focus on your work. In this way, you will use your time more efficiently.

 After applying these time management rules, you will learn to devote the necessary time to yourself and your work. A world in which your plans are carried out without delay will be better for you and your environment.

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