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Kişiler ve Şirketler için Etkili Linkedin Kullanımı

Kişiler ve Şirketler için Etkili Linkedin Kullanımı

Undoubtedly, social networks are one of the main factors that make people spend most of their day on the phone or computer. Linkedln, which is among the popular channels of social media, is a platform that brings job seekers and employers together, and shares from the business world. With Linkedln, one of the largest professional networks in the world, you can contact your colleagues and follow job postings thanks to the profile you have created for yourself or your company. It also allows you to see the viewers of your profile, and you can follow others. The most important difference that separates Linkedl from other networks; Finding helpful steps to find easier solutions to unemployment, which is a major source of stress for people in our country. If you can effectively follow the shares of companies and senior officials and know how to use the linked link, you will get very important results for your career.


Creating a CV and managing your career is just one of the reasons for being a LinkedIn member. As with all social networks, it is created by entering your basic information such as Linkedln, name and surname, where you can register with your e-mail address. Then there is a part where you can reflect your career well, such as school, work experience and skills. You can take advantage of many features when using Linkedln, which has two free and paid versions, for free. If you are thinking of building a more professional career, you can switch to the Premium version, which has features such as the ability to communicate with profiles you are not connected to. As you create and interact with your profile, you increase your credibility with your expertise and experience. Using Linkedin correctly and creating a strong profile can bring you many opportunities.


In this period of intense unemployment, companies and employees attach importance to references. For this reason, platforms such as Linkedln where users can show their career, school life, work experience and skills have become very important. It is an inevitable opportunity, especially for new graduates who want to find a job. It allows you to share works such as files, presentations and files made with your digital CV that you have created over the Internet, to connect with authorized people in business life and even to exchange information with them. That's why being a Linkedln member is very important to make a difference in your career..


Step 1 Create Your Profile Correctly

The profile you created on Linkedin is your identity. A profile that is kept up to date and reflects you and your skills is very important for you to proceed with the right steps. Use a photo on your profile that you believe represents you in the business world. In the profile introduction section, be sure to mention the features you want to highlight yourself. The first thing that catches your eye in the search results will be the article you wrote in the title section.

Step 2 Make Your Connections Carefully

The biggest mistake many Linkedln users make is to try to connect with anyone they encounter to expand their contact list as soon as they become a member. Connect with your LinkedIn classmates, colleagues, industry leaders, but most importantly, discover and connect with profiles that you think are beneficial to you.

Step 3 Produce Content

We can say that content is king of Linkedin. A profile without content is like a blank page. As you start producing content, you can make a difference to your personal brand, and your thought leadership position in your field begins. This increases the trust of other users and awakens the desire to interact with you..


Every sharing we make on social media reflects our profile. Since Linkedln is an application for business and career life, editing your profile to suit your business life creates a more professional impression. Keeping your profile up-to-date and spending time on your linkedln account indicates that you are an active user on Linkedln. Create a summary section where the users who examine your profile can learn about you with a few keywords, apart from your work experience where you describe your experience and skills. If you have a website or blog page on your Linkedln profile, be sure to add it and share its details. Try to respond to your messages as early as possible, expand your links on useful links and always keep your profile up to date..


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