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Girişimciler için Franchising Neden Avantajlıdır?

Girişimciler için Franchising Neden Avantajlıdır?

Franchising; as word meaningmost In a broad sense, it is the use of the license of a successful brand by someone else. There are 2 sides, first sidef franchising the giver is the otherfranchising It is the person who buys the service. One of the methods entrepreneurs use while entering a new sector and businessis franchisingr. But why is it advantageous for entrepreneurs?  

 Brand awareness 

First of all, it is quite safe and advantageous to start a business by using the brand awareness of a successful and established company or a company. Each time you start a new job, you should understand the risk factor arising from competitors and similar products in the industry.franchising By using the service, you actually reduce it to a very low level and you can get successful results on this. 

 Saving on time 

In addition, while stepping into each new sector and line of business from scratch, what should be done after this decision is takensome there are analyzes and planning. These are: examination of competitors, examination of shares and distributions in the sector and market,need and determination of demands. Butfranchising In fact, we pass these processes that we need to do while entering the sector from scratch while benefiting from the service and we are getting rid of the time and the costs of this research process. 

 Trust Factor  

Another factor is trust. A company that is well known in the national or international market and has high brand awarenessfrom franchisingn receiving service will always be more reliable for consumers. Becausefranchising No matter where the place is made, the brand's name power and as a result, standard procedures must be followed and a service that is very close to the same must be provided. How large is thisfranchising explains that demand never falls even though there is a supply. 

 Advertising and Promotion Budget Costs 

Finally, a company or business that will enter the market should allocate serious budgets for advertising and promotional activities in order to introduce itself in the field of marketing.franchising The purchaser benefits from the company's own national and international advertisements and does not have to personally allocate an advertising and promotion budget. In this sense, it is also very advantageous financially for entrepreneurs. 



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