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Corona E-Ticaret Sektörünü Güçlendiriyor

Corona E-Ticaret Sektörünü Güçlendiriyor

The Corona epidemic, which affects our country and the world, affects not only our daily life, but also the business world. As the epidemic continues, we see that it brings some economic difficulties. Of course, our greatest wish is to end the epidemic as soon as possible and to quickly return to our healthy and normal lives. However, it is possible to say that these extraordinary days we live reshape both daily life and business life and some of our habits will change. The spread of e-commerce has also gained momentum with Coron, and we will see it accelerate in the coming period.

Interest in E-Commerce Increased

We started to order many products, especially food and cleaning products, on the internet in order to stay at home and not go out on the street. Maybe there was a mass who bought fast moving consumer products from e-commerce sites before, and in the Corona days, even those who were not e-commerce users before started to order e-commerce both in order not to go out and because it was difficult to find some products. Although the focus is on basic needs in the beginning, we will see that normal shopping activities continue on e-commerce sites as the duration of stay at home extends. In addition, users who have acquired this habit once and see that the product they want come to the door will continue to be e-commerce customers after Corona. 

Brands Will Focus on E-Commerce

When we look at the subject from the brand side; We see that physical stores remain empty, and many brands temporarily close their stores spontaneously. Of course, in this case, while stores with e-commerce sites continue their sales from here, albeit partially, it is not difficult to guess that those who do not exist in e-commerce face a more troublesome situation.

On the other hand, we will see that many brands that previously had physical stores but did not have an e-commerce site will establish e-commerce sites in this process and many new entrepreneurs will enter this sector. Because, once experiencing the Corona experience, the business world will be much more cautious in case of a similar situation in the future.

These Items Sell More

Corona of course changed our consumption habits. Right now, we all focus on protecting our health. Therefore, the products mostly consumed in the first plan were basic food products, healthy nutrition products, food supplements, cleaning products, personal care products and health products masks and gloves.. 

However, we have to meet some of the services we had previously received from outside, in our home. For example, one of the products whose sales are increasing nowadays is shaving machines. Sales of such personal care products will increase during this period. Likewise, we will see that the consumption of small household appliances such as tea machine, coffee machine, food processor and deep fryer increases as the outside nutrition decreases.

Of course, it is not easy to fill up free time while spending time at home. This is the reason for the boom in book sales. In this period, magazines, books, monopoly - scrable-like games, do-it-yourself materials, products for hobbies such as painting and wood painting, online education and especially books, toys and online activities for children that can keep them busy will be among the most consumed products.

Since it is not possible to do sports outdoors or in gyms, sports equipment that can be used at home such as pilates ball, mat, dumbbell will be consumed more in this period. In addition, it is not difficult to predict that as the duration of home stay increases, interest in home wear products will increase.

Attention to Communication

Of course, brands need to pay attention to the language of communication these days. Whether you are making a new initiative or want to announce a campaign of your existing brand, you should stay away from any sharing that will disturb people in this sensitive period. The consumer should know that your brand is also worried about health, and feel that you are by their side and want to benefit.

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