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2020 E-Ticaret Trendleri

2020 E-Ticaret Trendleri

There are huge changes in 2020 e-commerce trends. With the year 2020 just beginning, articles on e-commerce trends are popping up everywhere. But as an entrepreneur, you probably don't have time to read all these articles one by one to stay updated.

That's why we wrote an overview of essential e-commerce trends for 2020. According to the latest research, the industry will increasingly undergo major changes, from personalized customer experience to augmented reality. That's why you need to prepare for 2020 as quickly as possible!

E Commerce New Trends

The e-commerce market has been growing for years. Until a decade ago, traditional merchandising and trade systems were in place, but now like everything else, commerce has moved to the digital environment. Now everyone prefers the faster and easier way of internet shopping. However, the e-commerce market is also changing rapidly, so it is very important to follow developments and trends in order to respond to them. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the 2020 e-commerce trends and apply them to the ways of doing business.

Augmented reality and virtual reality

Nearly 100 million consumers will be shopping in stores and online using augmented reality AR by 2020, according to Gartner's latest research.k.

This technology allows you to scan an environment where new products are integrated and almost physically presented. This makes it easier for consumers to evaluate products and make a purchase decision. Because thanks to this technology, they can almost find the opportunity to experience the products.

Sephora, for example, allows customers to try different makeup styles and take photos with the outfit they're wearing. Thanks to this application called Virtual Artist, it allows customers to experience different looks.

Amazon allows visitors to try multiple products or devices with one application.

IKEA offers the space app for scanning items directly, so you can experience how furniture will look in the setting without leaving your home.

Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies have a very bright future and are definitely among the 2020 e-commerce trends!

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

In addition to augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, the impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence will also increase. Machine learning has already become part of e-commerce but is expected to be used more widely to provide a better user experience.

Data on previously consulted or ordered products and product combinations purchased by previous customers are used to show the user other products. This means that every online search is personalized. This development has positive effects on the conversion rate of e-commerce sites.

Online research, offline purchase

Studies show that 88% of consumers research online with content such as reviews, comments, and social posts before purchasing items from a physical store. The fact that online searches regularly lead to offline purchases is a trend to watch out for..

With many communication channels such as mobile devices, social networks, CRM and payment modules, digital campaigns, online research in 2020 will be an important factor in developing an offline purchasing strategy.

Voice search and its impact on SEO

Many studies show that more than 50 of the calls in 2020 will be based on voice search technology. As an e-commerce store, you will need to adapt to this evolution in e-commerce as search engines announce radical changes..

Google wants to ensure that users get the best results based on voice search that will lead to significant changes in SEO and website design. So now, SEO strategies should be done not only for text searches but also for voice searches.

Mobile trends and 5G technology

Consumers are increasingly shopping on mobile phones rather than desktop computers. The market share of mobile shopping is growing every day.

Mobile traffic can generate more than half of an ecommerce store's total visitors. The arrival of 5G will strengthen this trend, so it's more important than ever for websites to be mobile-friendly and have an easy payment system.

Chatbot Chat botsı)

Chatbots, artificial intelligence chatbots, are gaining importance. According to studies, 60% of consumers use chatbots. Like a chatbot, a customer service person can chat with your customers and answer their questions. Can chat thanks to automatic suggestions..

47% of consumers buy a product via a chatbot, so it is essential to make good use of chatbots as an effective and conversion-enhancing way to discover what your customers are looking for or want to know..

Ultra customization

The vast majority of shoppers prefer to shop from an e-commerce site that offers personalized recommendations, and most online shoppers shop from this type of site over and over again.

Amazon understands this very well. That's why in the Amazon ecommerce store, customers get recommendations based on their purchase history. Amazon offers personalization based on your 'wishlist' and 'collection'. Of course, this is nothing new. With big data analyzing your purchasing behavior, Amazon sends multiple emails offering customized product recommendations to your profile.

This trend should not be ignored. Analyzing the purchasing behavior of customers well means enabling them to shop more.

Social media sales

Social commerce is becoming more and more common as we spend hours a day on social media. More sales occur through Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Of course, the most suitable channel depends on the products you sell.

Social commerce, that is, social media sales, shortens the purchasing journey of the customer. The number of consumers who value the ability to discover and buy directly on social media has increased by 38. Visual content is a more engaging shopping experience, and social commerce allows the customer to go from inspiration to checkout in one place..

D2C direct to consumerC)

Online markets are growing rapidly. At the same time, the 'direct to consumer' supplier to customer type of sales share is increasing.r.

Transparency is becoming increasingly important and customers prefer to order as easily as possible. So the D2C model could be a solution.

It directly affects the consumer, customers, suppliers and the logistics industry, so it is another trend to follow.

Online Shopping Trends

Online shopping trends are changing every day. Nowadays, while augmented reality and virtual reality applications are at the forefront, the number of people who shop on mobile platforms is gradually increasing. Voice searches cause a change in the SEO system, while chatbots, ie chatbots, take the customer service experience to a completely different dimension.

E Commerce Research

Every year, e-commerce researches are conducted to determine new business models and trends. According to the report published this year, API and platform-oriented business models stand out. The e-commerce platforms of world giants such as Amazon, Ebay, Hepsiburada and Gittigidiyor allow small businesses to open their own online stores.

"Instagram Checkout", which Instagram brought to life last year, is a good example of the platform-oriented business model. This system, which allows users to shop and purchase without leaving the Instagram platform, sets new trends. 

According to the report, subscription-oriented business models also stand out. The subscription system has been around for many years and it is a very useful system. Companies that know customer data and their purchasing behavior focus on building a loyal following with the subscription system.

How E Commerce Will Be In The Future?

With the amazing evolution of artificial intelligence day by day, we will explore application areas such as machine learning, deep learning, robotic process automation, natural language processing, intelligent assistants based on artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks.

Techniques such as deep learning and machine learning will be used to collect, process and analyze data on online user behavior. With these technologies, more detailed target audience analysis will be possible. Emotional purchasing decisions of customers will be detected.

The concept of digital reality will be more involved in our lives. Online shopping will gain a completely different dimension with technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality.

E Commerce Products

Most pet food, sports shoes, mobile phones and home decoration products were sold on e-commerce sites last year. If you want to do e-commerce and are looking for niche product groups, we can say that these product groups are the most sought after categories.

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